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17 September 2014: Even though I haven't added things to this webpage since years, still people are discovering it. So I'm happy to leave it as it is and hope you all can enjoy my past creativitiy and will be inspired. Any questions are always answered! My new updated websites are at (for my art work) and (for my model trams)

30 November 2009: Re-organised the menu and removed the Anthem, Icons and Link sections. Added Modelling and updated parts of the website

17 June 2006: Added new drawing, 'Cork'.

12 June 2006: Added new drawing, 'Rijwielhandel 'De Polder' '.

8 June 2006: Added new painting, Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari. An enlarged copy of an original drawing by Tobias Enevoldsen. Read more about the story behing it on the last page of the drawing section.

2 May 2006: New picture uploaded, called 'Blauwe Engel' (Blue angel), which is an ode to a classic diesel train in the Netherlands. Obviously, the train is red, but was blue when it was first released. That colour and the wings on the front gave it its nickname. Officially it was called a DE2.

16 February 2006: NEW FILM! I have to admit, this is mostly material I shot one year ago. But now I finally saw time to edit the material and make it complete. The introduction is newly shot footage, though. It's not one of the "biggies" and a joke which probably not everyone will understand (if you have build a lot with Lego, this one is for you!), but it shows my ability of giving life to toy figures. I'm very happy with the result and think they are oh so cute, my Lego knights. So hope you enjoy a complete episode of Them Twickenham Knights.

PS. Don't forget to check out the 'Making Of', made with Comic Life. Daily there will be an update to this Making Of until the whole process has been shown. In this ulitimate guide non of my animation secrets will be hidden from you!

5 Februari 2006: A lot is happening at at the moment! This week I'll be preparing the website for release of 'Them Twickenham Knights: Professionals at Work', which is scheduled for February 16. These changes are already visible in the stop-motion movie section. I've taken the intro of 'Them Twickenham Knights' off-line, because it will be replaced by something better. It's not a real big thing that's coming up, but nice enough to look forward to. The intention is also to upload all previous movies to the iTunes video podcast, so you will daily receive a Svencentral movie on your iPod until the release of the new film.

3 Februari 2006: Added the ability to download my movies to your iPod, or just see it in iTunes. Or whenever there is a new movie (like next week), you'll see it appear automatically in iTunes. And on your iPod of course. To activate this, click on the subscribe button at the left.

2 Februari 2006: Added an iPod compatible movie of Penalty! to the website. Hope to make all of my movies soon available for iPod. Not because it's a trend (I own one already since the first came out in 2001), but because I just like to have it on my own iPod.

16 December 2005: Added a magnificent Playmobil brochure in high resolution at the new Playmobil Brochures section and a new painting (continue to 'Latest additions') I made in Colombia. Dutch nostalgia.

18 October 2005: Re-organized the menubar, now the complete index is on one page. Added the Ukulele section, with my own songs and my ukulele pictures.

12 August 2005: Added a 'Sven Finder', so you can always see where on the globe I am.

10 August 2005: Finally finished my Playmobil Viking town, with hand build houses on scale and updated the popular Hans-on film or how to take a Klicky apart.

09 August 2005: Added new painting of Margarita, Margarita in blue and offer now desktoppictures of one of my favorite drawing Gap of Dunloe.

30 July 2005: Added two new pictures to the Fun Photo's (click on 'Fun' tab in Photo section).

20 July 2005: I'm crazy about my new Ukulele and made a photo session. with it in the harbour area of Copenhagen, Denmark. They're all self exposure pictures, which turned out great!

05 July 2005: Added a Playmobil version of The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover in the Playmobil section and a new painting of the love of my life (last page).

30 June 2005: Added a Playmobil version of Freddie Mercury in the Playmobil section. It sold for £21 (31 Euro) on eBay! Most expensive single Playmobil figure I've ever known.

27 May 2005: Added two new drawings (click to the last two pages to find the new pics). Added more info and links to the About section. Check out my personal Pancakes recipe!

26 May 2005: I'm proud to announce something I wanted to present to Playmobil- and Western fans for a long time. Together with Garry Evans, who I met at Playmoboard, the no. 1 forum for Playmobil fans, I collected and scanned the great inspirational pictures Playmobil had in the old days on their boxes. This will sure bring back some great memories! Get the clear pictures in a desktoppicture worthy resolution here

11 May 2005: Santa's New Ride is now also available at, which is mainly interesting for people who want to watch Santa's New Ride with Windows Media Player or Real Player.

11 May 2005: Due to some personal reasons, I haven't been able to work on my next big film project. I don't know how the future is going to work out, but when all goes well, I will be back with exciting new material. For the time being though, I am not recording. But please keep checking this site once in a while if you're interested to see some new drawings and paintings.

03 February 2005: It's soon that Oscar-time again! Get in the mood by checking out the 2003 Oscars and find out who won the Oscar for best animated short!

02 February 2005: Added a new picture in the Playmobil section, reorganized the movie index and uploaded two new drawings.

11 January 2005: Added an About section, with my favorite things in life.

1 January 2005: Now the outtake I was planning on showing you (see news Dec, 27) is far from worth being released with the intro. But I really want to show you the intro I made with iStopmotion and Apple's LiveType. So check it out.

27 December 2004: Making 'Them Twickenham Knights' gave me inspiration for a really cool intro and while making that intro, I realized that the intro would promise way more than I had to offer. The film I already made, looked more like an outtake, a test. So that it will be, an outtake. I got an idea for a short story, which I think (promises only give stress) I will animate, just to have a legimate reason to use the intro. So the good news is there is going to be more, the bad news is that you have to wait longer. But the outtake will get a silent release in January. But I noticed it's only funny for people who have the castle themselves.

19 December 2004: In the last week I've been working on a small film, but this time with Lego. After Penalty, this will be my second animation with Lego. It's a (hopefully) funny short, about one minute in length and will be called 'Them Twickenham Knights'. Yes, you medieval times lovers out there, it features knights and a castle! There will also be a 'Making Of', which I'm writing for my friends at iStopmotion's Boinx. [updated 27 DEC 04]

1 December 2004: Pick up a copy of the German MacLife magazine, and you will find a three page article of our beloved application iStopmotion. Illustrating this article are three screenshots of Santa's New Ride and the mentioning of On the complimentary CD you'll find The Viking Five (irronically enough not made with iStopmotion) and Penalty, my only Lego film to date.

20 November 2004: When listening to the MiniDisc that I found in the MD player, I discovered some hilarious recordings for the Bloody Snow trailer, spoken by Thomas Nøhr. If you like to hear how I do my voice recordings, or are, like me, in love with his voice or you just want to listen to some funny nonsens, listen to the MP3 in the Extra's section of Bloody Snow

5 November 2004: Bloody Snow is now also available at, which is mainly interesting for people who want to watch Bloody Snow with Windows Media Player or Real Player.

8 September 2004: I know, there is no excuse for it, but I just love Melanie C and Emma Bunton (you know, from the, er... Spice Girls). Since I heard Melanie sing with Bryan Adams, I'm in love with her voice. And Emma... She's unrivaled my iBook's desktoppicture since 2001. She accidentilly made a surpringly pleasant album too ('Free Me'). Anyway, I created Melanie C icons.

7 September 2004: Created new logo. If you like the font, it's a free download from 1001 Freefonts and is called 'Fanzine'. It took more time to "HTML" this sentence correct without errors than to make the logo :o [download 18KB]

20 August 2004: Bloody Snow is selected to be shown at Lowlands, a major festival that offers "3 days of the coolest alternative music + theatre, film, comedy, visual arts, literature, extreme sports and fringe entertainment".

20 August 2004: is back in the air!

18 July 2004: At is the Viking Five the most viewed film in the categorie Brickfilms (2640 times and still counting). Not in the last place because it has been the editors Movie Spotlight for three months.

13 July 2004: Bloody Snow didn't win the TEEK film and animation festival, but a lot of people got to see it on a big screen. From the ones who went to the festival, I heard that it was really a great happening. A lot of interesting films and a very good atmosphere.

22 June 2004: Bloody Snow is selected to be shown at the TEEK film and animation festival on the 6th of July 2004 in Breda, the Netherlands. It's the third submission for a festival and the second time it has been selected. Only hometown Copenhagen didn't select Bloody Snow for its 'Cosmic Zoom' festival.

21 May 2004: Updated frontpage, added Penalty to the Stop-motion movies section.

28 April 2004: Just a short note to keep you up to date. At the moment I don't spend any time animating, but building props for The Viking Five II. But not that much, because I promised myself to go outside and enjoy the spring and coming summer. I suggest you do that too, instead of staring at a computer monitor.

27 February 2004: Motivated by Jay's Rapunzel, I made a Lego short too. Nothing fancy, but I think it is funny in a way. You can download 'Penalty' here (QuickTime, 1.3 MB).

25 February 2004: Added a great little piece of work to the Filmtips section. 'Rapunzel' by Jay Silver is a 30 second masterpiece, which can not be missed. It's free and it's good!

24 February 2004: The need to find another webhost for my movies (see February 8), also has advantages. At, my now one year old film, The Viking Five, has been picked out by the staff as Movie Spotlight. As it happened before on Get them downloads going!

23 February 2004: Today, German RTL Television broadcasted a short interview with me. For the first time in its history, Bloody Snow could be seen nationwide on television.

8 Februari 2004: After a lot of discussion with my webhost B-One, I, as a powerless customer, of course lost the battle and had to take my own films from their server because they demanded that. They are now hosted by Hopefully they can cope with the amount of downloads. The unhelpful people from B-One not even wanted to bring back on-line (no reason has been given), even though I have removed the files. Someone apparently wants to play God. But I'm happy to be back, even though it's at another address!

23 December 2003: In its first week, Santa's New Ride had 2049 downloads, which is one download every 5 minutes. I'm very pleased, because it's more than the opening week of Bloody Snow. But of course next film should be able to break this "record". Speaking of which, 2004 will be the year of making 'The Viking Five Part 2'. In my head this is going to be more impressive than Bloody Snow and Part 1 all together, but we'll have to wait and see how it's going to work out. ;-)

13 December 2003: Get it while you can! The new Christmas film, Santa's New Ride, is on-line.

10 December 2003: The place is there, the film poster is there (in the Extra's section), and the film will be available as a free download this Saturday, 13 December 2003!

9 December 2003: Last night, the new film 'Santa's New Ride' has been finished and will be available from this web site from the first minute of the 13th of December 2003 CET. That's this Saturday, folks! Be prepared for over 2 minutes of sheer pleasure.

9 December 2003: For an interview at Macdevcenter, spoke Derrick Story, managing editor of O'Reilly Network and Mac DevCenter, with Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Software. Oliver is the public face for Boinx software, the company of the great frame capturing application iStopmotion. In this interview, Oliver calls Bloody Snow "the most professional production we have seen so far". It sure gets those "copies" of Bloody Snow flying out of the door!

1 December 2003: Not without any pride I can tell you that Bloody Snow has been downloaded a whopping (Ooh, love that word!) 6015 times! That's 200 times each day! Now if I got an Euro for each download...

1 December 2003: The footage for the new Christmas film is almost all recorded. It will only be a 1,5 minute film, but I'm sure you're going to love it! Expected within two weeks.

1 December 2003: What can you expect? At last weekends Film festival in Badalona (see news from 22 September), my films didn't win. But Bloody Snow has been showed in the local cinema, so that's kind of cool. The winner in the category animations is Zoltan Horvath (nothing to see at that web site). Would love to see his work. Unfortunately no category Toy-Movies at the festival. Maybe because it might get wrong interpretated...

18 November 2003: Just in time before Christmas, a short Christmas movie will be available as free download from in co-operation with Herpa, who kindly donated the BMW Z4 Playcar.

17 November 2003: Re-designed the Movies section. Stop-motion and life-motion are now two different categories and I created a premiere place to highlight talented film makers. Go visit them!

Discovered that my site was at mentioned at Cruel Site of the Day on November 13th... Of course for Bloody Snow, but it's not the first time people refer to it as Lego film.

24 October 2003: Re-designed the The Viking Five page. Now it's easier to find the Making Of and other bonus files under the Extra's menu.

22 September 2003: The Viking Five has been selected for the official section of FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE FILMETS in Badalona (near Barcelona), Spain. What that means, did the E-mail not say, but it's cool!

21 September 2003: More than 11,000 downloads of The The Viking Five at since the 5th of August 2003.

21 September 2003: New site at is on-line. Release of Bloody Snow.