Films that have impressed me and can not be missed! Take time to download and watch them, it 'll be worth while!

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Links checked on 6 JUN 2009

The Letter
Besides from the highly original script, this film is so fantastic animated, with so many details, that you HAVE to see this many times. You'll forget that it's only Lego!
(20 MB - Mac Users attention, you need Mplayer or VLC to play this)


Out Of Time
Brilliant animator Christ Salt made the best "Brickfilm" known to mankind. Well animated, fantastic voices and amazingly funny! He should get an Oscar for this all-round talent. Beside from Out of Time, Words of Wisdom is worth the download too.


America: Outlawed
Build on traditional westernfilms, this over half an hour lasting masterpiece is entertaining, has great voices and fitting soundeffects. Never boring and fortunately (!) without Ennio Morricone and superclose-ups at High Noon. Not to be missed!


Joshua Deicken
A pioneer in Playmobil films. His Heir To The Throne and The Three Bandidos are classics, in the true meaning of that word. Remember those good ol' saturdayafternoonfilms, while laying on the couch, in front of the telly? It's like that.


Die Helden von Bern
A re-creation of the highlights from the classic 1954 Worldcup final Germany-Hungary. With the famous original commentary by Herbert Zimmermann.This is where I used my Legofigures for when I was young. The excitement for this film kept me awake all night!


Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The biggest on-line Lego filmhit to date. A remake in Lego of the 'Camelot' musical number by Spite Your Face.


Rise Of The Empire
The special effects make this almost realistic trailer by Jay Silver the visually most impressive Brickfilm ever made. It's number one on every ones list.

Another beauty of a film by Jay Silver. This time a very short, but hilarious film, now with animated faces and the most realistic animated movement. Shouldn't be missed!