stop-motion movies

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Santa's New Ride
(2 min 23 sec)
What happens when Santa walks on your roof?

Bloody Snow
(3 min 30 sec)
No prisoners taken in this violent Western film.

The Viking Five
(9 min 50 sec)
Two rivaling Viking clans try to rob a monk. A classic which shouldn't be missed!


Them Twickenham Knights:
Professionals at Work

(1 min 51)
Lego film with fully animated faces!


(0 min 21 sec)
Keep cool for the all deciding penalty.

 The Viking Five - The Boss
(0 min 56 sec)
Teaser #2 for the film.

 The Viking Five - The Gathering
(1 min 21 sec)
Teaser #1 for the film.