The Viking Five changed the world of Playmobil animation. At its release on the 23rd of January 2003, no other film with Playmobil figures had been seen before in this quality. Half a year later, September 21st, 2003, came a new film from the same team with an even more stunning film. Details are finer, animation is smoother, more action and less talking. It's a film you want to watch over and over, because there is so much to discover.

You have the chance to see the film in full colour and in all its details on your TV at home, together with great and exclusive extra's. Because you can buy it now on DVD, only at Svencentral for 6 Euro (which is around $6.75).

What do you get?

  • A DVD, which will run on most computers with a DVD player and on stand alone DVD players.

On the DVD movie part of the disk you'll find:

  • Cool menu's
  • Two high resolution 3:40 minute versions of Bloody Snow, the movie. The Original 1885 version (will not be available on-line) and the Digitally Restored version (same version as will appear compressed on this website).
  • High resolution version of the trailer
  • The no-self-respecting-DVD-goes-without deleted scenes. Great footage which was left out from the film with pain.
  • 'Making Of' still pictures
  • Info and pics of the creators
  • Works on Macs and PC with hardware DVD players built-in

On the data part of the disk you'll find:

  • Two compressed versions of Bloody Snow. The Original 1885 version and the Digitally Restored version (A higher resolution version of the file that will appear on this website). The films are compressed in QuickTime format and will play on all computers with QuickTime installed.
  • QuickTime compressed version of the trailer (A higher resolution version of the file that appears on this website).
  • QuickTime installers for Mac and PC, in case your software to run the film is not up-to-date.
  • Filmposter

Buy your copy now and support a film which became reality after 3 months of hard work and without any financial support from whatshowever fund.

You can additionally order a copy of THE VIKING FIVE DVD, which is in features as the Bloody Snow DVD. It's also 6 Euro.

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